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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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i got to take a short break and we'll return with that i read it and then we really think millions of e-mail from the private companies. dive into what the public we come back. from the studios here in moscow this is our top stories now damascus says it will defend its people and sovereignty from foreign pressure ushering in a new constitution while softening a blow for sanctions from the e.u. it's all against a backdrop of deadly violence raging on in some parts of the country. the world bank china the world's second largest economy that without reform it faces a financial slowdown that could take the global system with a warning comes this point china's steady growth over the past few years. britain's criticised for cutting spending at home and sending billions abroad in foreign aid
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to countries who say they don't even want the cash to give an ongoing stream of money to india has angered taxpayers. more news stories in less than half an hour from now in the meantime let's go back to part two of the i want to show. our guys it's time for you said it i read it or i take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now first on respond to if you are the
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watch my fireside chat on the obama administration's proposed internet consumer bill of rights job for a nine commented on you tube is obama even a part of his own administration because i find it interesting how the administration was against sopa and pipa that obama signed acta now is administration proposes this internet bill of rights that's a mind if. you know it is and i think of a couple reasons for that first of all the administration and the democratic party in general are very close with the entertainment industry after all they're some of obama's largest donors and the m.p.a. headed up by former democratic senator chris dodd is one of the most powerful lobbies in the country let's go back a few steps on the obama administration side acted they got to do so very quietly yeah there was some outcry on tech blogs on the internet but nothing compared to the opposition we saw to sopa and pipa so they got to side with hollywood without the bad press for act a win win for the white house then they opposed sopa and pipa but only after all
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the major internet providers and tech companies came out against it as for the internet consumer bill of rights as i said in my fireside the administration puts the onus on private companies not on the government once again allowing themselves to appear on the right side of the issue without having to be compromised politically so it's typical obama administration a whole lot of doublespeak. which leaves them somewhere in the middle of it all now i want to take a minute to read some of the comments that we got from our discussion on friday with james poulos this is about a piece that he wrote entitled what are women for so let's just say that that interview really got people talking hog wild lou sixty nine said on you tube women should support the man in the home and be barefoot and pregnant and serve their husband very charming here's another gem mr hanover said on you tube women are for sex making us men sandwiches and our personal mates i'm going to go ahead masoom that some of you are kidding early so i hope so but my favorite part of all is that the anti-woman comments seem to come with very poor sentence structure now
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thankfully there were some very sane and insightful comments from our viewers as well phantasm zero nine said on you tube what century are they living in the eighteenth this is the main reason why the republicans are going to lose this year and cheetos one said on you tube alone thank you for putting this massage mystic tool in his place where women for women are integral part of society we're strong intelligent people that are just as valuable as men and personally i couldn't agree more now finally i want to respond to a viewer that was a little disappointed in me last night apparently charles gabriel tweeted this show and jenny churchill the oscars are on this is a very important matter why are you not tweeting about this at least the journalism so some harsh words i did watch the oscars but honestly to now much to say i thought they were pretty boring if you ask me if that makes me a lazy journalist then so be it that's of my rantings this week but i'll be back with more as usual later in the week. well we can make this at it again with their
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latest document dump called the global intelligence file they began publishing some of what they claim to more than five million e-mails days between july two thousand and four and december of two thousand and eleven and these e-mails are from stratfor the texas headquartered global intelligence company the phone described as a privatized or want to be cia now the company sells its analysis of global politics to government agencies and corporations but as the e-mails expose stratfor as a web of informant working covertly and overtly and a payment structure that includes secret offshore accounts here's what assad had to say at a press conference in london on the dump today. on the surface trust for presents itself as something else while it always started out as a private intelligence organization it has erected a culture. that it is simply a provider falls intelligence publications
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yes to governments and to military organizations but also to private organizations and even universities but the global intelligence files reveal that its roots as a private intelligence organization strong. and i'm not being dispense we've been in any manner whatsoever. now though julian songe would not disclose how we got a hold the e-mails stratfor admitted that in december they had a security breach and anonymous took credit at the time they publish names emails and credit card numbers of stratfor subscribers so what can we gather so far from the e-mails that have been released and what we think of this new perhaps a partnership between wiki leaks and anonymous joining me to discuss this kevin gusto list civil liberties blogger at firedoglake kevin thanks so much for joining us tonight and i guess first of all i just want to get your opinion on the way in
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which we queue leaks is rolling this out again they're working with media organizations twenty five media organizations and quite noticeably absent are the guardian the new york times the washington post those organizations who they worked with in the past and who i guess you could say they had a falling out with yes the bigger organizations like the new york times and the guardian are no longer partners here we have twenty five media partners that they are working with and they appear to be a lot smaller than the you know new york times but you know they still bring a lot of energy and they bring with them to see to what we do exist trying to do and it allows them to you know prove that they are in fact a publisher and not just some organization that goes out and solaces leaks and so i think no matter how they obtained the material the way that they're going about presenting the information right now is very professional now if it is anonymous
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which i mean wiki leaks won't say if they got it from anonymous you have a number of people that are giving interviews or online they claim to be you know associated with anonymous or anti sect that say that it was them that have the information over if that's a new partnership something that we can be seeing more of what do you think. well i mean i don't think it would be anything new given the fact that anonymous members or people who claim to be a part of anonymous have been very sympathetic to wiki leaks and i mean i don't know what anonymous and wiki leaks as far as like the partnership is very interesting because wiki leaks can claim i believe and they do claim that they don't have any idea who these people are that provide them information and well as somebody who's followed the case of bradley manning i can say well that might be questionable if the government is pointing to forensic evidence that they've
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gleaned from computers but at the same time i think it will be much of a partnership it'll be anonymous feeding information and julia songe and others that would really know where it's coming from. our so so far of the e-mails that they have released what picture interests are what you know the more you think the content of some of these e-mails the way that stratfor really dealt with its clients or the fact that this is an organization that has informants that are working within the media that are working within the government that they're paying to gather intelligence and what do you think of this description by some people is calling them a privatized version of the cia. well i think they do actually want to be a privatized version of the cia in fact the c.e.o. george friedman wrote an e-mail where he was back boasting that now that i had been fired at the cia this was their opportunity to come in and fill a void to actually show the cia how it was done it and how to run an intelligence
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organization and they were wanting to take the lead and so i think for me not so much the details in the e-mails but how this organization operated is much more interesting to me at and you know this is a firm with neo con ideologies it's very much a proponent of the war on terror and so you've got them engaged in and very free market sort of defenses like monitoring bhopal activists and the yes men who were involved in doing activism to bring justice to people who are victims carbide gas disaster and so you've also got news that they were helping coca-cola and to spy on people at the vancouver olympics who were part of peta activism
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around you know any issues and so i think to me what's fascinating at the end of the day is that you've got this wide organization that claims to be you know have operatives you know they've got lists of journalists that are helping them too and so that to me is just very fascinating. now they have they released the response basically and they said this is a deplorable and fortunate and illegal breach of pirate privacy and they said that some of the e-mails might be forged or altered to include an accuracy some might be authentic they said they won't validate either you know they explain the thinking that went into them and they basically said that we we want to answer any questions we already had a property stolen will be victimized by having to submit to answer this or answering questions about it but at the same time you know again is that one of those embarrassing things that this is supposed to be i mean there are intelligence gathering farm but that this could be so easily but i think there are a racket to be quite honest and they're being exposed or the racket that they
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happen to be because most people who are looking at this release and sort of saying with dismissive reasoning that it's not really something that we need to pay attention to are calling them a joke and i think that there's a lot of just occasion for that argument but they're actually in the business and they actually have people who are part of agencies and institutions in government where they are actually using public funds because here you have members of these institutions getting subscriptions from strapped for and strapped for is turning around in providing this information but actually the the veracity of it the accuracy of the material that they provide is questionable i mean they even say it in e-mail comparing themselves to the israeli defense forces that like they don't really know the domestic politics going on in these countries so it's questionable what we know. obviously we can link says they have five million e-mails here
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and messages so it's going to take a while for all of it to come out but if you had to take a guess when do you think of this is a good dump or not because you immediately of course have one part of the journalistic community saying that this is no big deal there are no revelations here but they've said that every other time to and now you see when you leaks cables that have been put out there are pieces from the iraq or afghanistan war logs being mentioned all the time and actually they have made quite a difference well to me the way that the media has been critiquing a sort of like being critical of the resolution of the plot of a movie in the opening credits before you actually get to see the films ending i mean we have got two hundred e-mails here and they say they have five million e-mails and so far all we've got is information about a hedge fund they wanted to start with former goldman sachs managing director we've got revelations on monitoring activists we've got some indications that people in
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the organization are racist towards arabs and are pretty deferential toward israel and we've also got other revelations coming out that show that there are covert operations that they are monitoring in african countries and and this and that and so i think yeah we have to wait we don't really know the full extent of what they're going to show julian says one thousand of the e-mails actually show that strap four was pope was doing work that involved with you except that possibly involved maybe just information campaigns that may be involved tracking and monitoring people maybe doing things of the h.p. gary variety like we saw revealed. earlier last year so you know i'm going to wait and see because john i could tell you to try i guess. your motto there i gave him thanks so much for joining us tonight. hi guys it's our last break of the
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evening but when we come back donald trump is horrified the ryan seacrest wasn't better protected in last night's oscars and he wins our tools time award and then how we are probably just cannot help but talk about how rich he is and our fortune cookies in ice cream races but it's just always about.
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we have a local warlords will give him a note so we have a lot of illegal call groups of them called citizens who says all our views in the whole mood right enough to my mother it was like many at that mileage it wasn't forced marriage it's the smadi when i was fifteen years old you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe i'm going to stun them not to have
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a cross post without the participation of its chemical position and that a construction stuff people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. our guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight because of donald trump see the cademy are wards were on last night and last week we told you about the controversy over sasha baron cohen wanting to come in costume as a way to character the dictator and it turns out sasha was allowed to come and this is how it all went down. thank you those things think it's not so much. salt. to. him just
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a little. yeah so basically spilled what he said were the ashes of kim jong il all over those ryan seacrest maybe not the classiest a prank probably exactly what the oscars were trying to avoid but let's face it was probably the most interesting part of the night and it was just the pre-show but donald trump analysis of the incident on fox news this morning that's a really takes the cake talk about making this a completely overblown situation. if you were to go out in the race was prophetic sure you had over everything it's like oh please go with me please come with me that's probably the truth the problem with this country when you talk about crime but other things that's the way things are handled but i would have had him probably bubble up to the ground. so the security guard should have pummeled him to the ground and the fact that he didn't is what's wrong with this country and i want to make sure that you guys got that doll believe that a lack of brutality by security guards or law enforcement officials is what is wrong with america i beg to differ here for the past two years on this show we've
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been paying pretty close attention to the actions of police officers across the country and i kind of got the impression that the opposite was the problem for example i didn't think of these cops to get too easy on the occupy protesters of their respective cities. think thanks i also didn't think of this really let this mentally handicapped man off to easy. or that these swat teams were just cutting people breaks left and right.
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yeah the first video is from a swat raid in columbia missouri where they killed the family dog and that second is video of marine jose corrina being shot at least sixty times during a drug raid so trump i'm not really sure what world you live in but here in reality videos containing police brutality of that nature come out almost every week so hey i'll be the first to admit there are a lot of problems in the us right now but to me it doesn't really seem like security guards and police not using enough force on a celebrity dressed as a dictator is one of that and actually i recently had former arizona sheriff richard mack on the show and i took the opportunity to ask him what he thought of the cases of police brutality and violence across the country and this was his response we need to remember what the law enforcement. first do go and we should not be making a situation worse because the police show up. but apparently in trump's world there needs to be more pummeling people to the ground i mean really what an image for the
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rest of the world right a man pulls a joke on live t.v. that is beaten mercilessly for millions of years to see how to really help america get back on track but i think we all know that would never happen because it's not rich celebrity they get pummeled it's the poor and the disenfranchised so for thinking that what america really needs is more violence and brutality donald trump is tonight's real time where. our guys have time for a happy hour and joining me this evening our producer jenny churchill and chief strategy officer at vision strategy dot com thanks for join me guys thank you so you know rick santorum just proves how crazy he is basically every time he opens his mouth and mitt romney proves just how disconnected he is from average americans and so this is his latest one this week and take a look. the daytona five hundred that was delayed by rain something probably played
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up his love of michigan's proud auto industry so this combines a couple things i like best cars and sports but romney raised eyebrows when he was asked if he follows the sport. i mean it's. friends or team owners. they're really kind of are no words for this story you know he goes out it's the perfect opportunity to connect with the people in. every man's sport i mean and now can't be like oh when did you know i'm right it's just an also you're wearing crappy raincoats he said that he was walking up to some people and consciousness like wow spent the big bucks and. i think my buddy democratic operative matt or tell us that our best days that i prefer not to think of this country is one of nascar team owners and not nascar team owners but of nascar team owners and soon to be now it's not easy
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runners and i think we can all aspire to the high hopes that mitt romney holds for us in the statement i think that's what he is really going on here yeah polls show that most americans still think they'll be a millionaire when they're really that's the real. we do not want to. go or they want to join but if they're rising we have a large percentage out there some americans however though are preparing for the end then political and economic collapse and this is why lawmakers in wyoming have been creating a really interesting bill for this take a look. given the national debt topping fifteen trillion bucks and so many protests around the country why not be prepared since wyoming is a pretty sound financial state miller and his colleagues toss around a few ideas some of which residents found bizarre like creating their own military and state wide currency in case something awful happens to the rest of the world. the best. part of this was they had an amendment where they wanted to have their own aircraft carrier and then represent
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a kermit ground exactly. to the station i think that entire state may have been watching too much doomsday preppers. but i know also i read some articles that were saying that the aircraft carrier wasn't feasible because it was more of their than their annual budget that is so untrue the world's going to end this year to get financing. a low price of six point eight billion dollars you too can have an aircraft carrier no jets but you can get the aircraft carrier no operating budget and also landlocked state these are just small barriers . paired for apocalypse so you know i don't know why you need to get to your why are you not out there right now on the market for an aircraft carrier i think they're just like a massive landslide and then suddenly they'll be at the coast and maybe maybe california be like superman. california will drop in and wyoming will then you know by nevada yes and then it can come with all the money it has. right there
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like i like where they're heading. you know figured out a lot. let's ok so i mean we give facebook a lot of help on this show because they just don't seem to be all that honest and so let us just remind you about mark zuckerberg claiming that they care about your privacy. so i mean privacy is a really important issue for us and for the church so we spent a lot of time thinking about these things move. turns out privacy you know important for facebook because it turns out they admitted that they were reading people's text messages like if you downloaded the android smartphone app then they could read through your text messages and it was all in the small details which is always sucks because apparently i guess we. gave them the right to do it and. there's a great graphic going around that kind of compares facebook's mark zuckerberg to
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julian. leaks and so is one of these guys is a criminal who takes corporations private data and makes it available to the public the other is a hero of us who takes public's private data and sells it to corporations and i think it's kind of a good you know good opportunity for us examine like look this is a real this is happening i'm not a privacy hawk but that's crappy that's wrong and and in our ways i mean the article i was reading this pointing out that apparently if you have the you tube map on your phone you tube that has the ability to go on and turn on your camera and record at any time like all of the yes all of these things are terrifying and it makes me really nervous you know we want convenience so much but what do we give up for that convenience i think kids are going to start learning how to read privacy policies grade now i think that's what we should be doing now i mean. nobody heard because we want things to happen so quickly right which is why we want you can be in school you want the apps and so by the time you get to the page where
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it's like read terms and conditions you just clay can go into the out party if that all takes a scary south park episode about this i won't get you anywhere. you're a human centipede. there's many more disgusting things described in that particular episode but i highly recommend it you know that is. so much for joining us tonight that night's show. thanks for tuning it and make sure they come back tomorrow warner rojas roll calls her on the reporters can rejoining us for half the hour and in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook you can follow us on twitter there's anything ever missing you can. find the interviews as well as the show and its entirety there coming up backstage at the new.
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